Philosophy & Goals


Being a member of a club is an honor and an obligation. The experience is mutually beneficial to Triton and to the student, and often serves as a stage for high academic achievement. It is our aim to conduct a student activities program at Triton that offers something for everyone. All one needs to do is get involved. It is also our goal to see student activities act as a catalyst for encouraging students of every creative, academic, and athletic ability to find a means of healthy social expression to last a lifetime.


To provide a co-curricular program which reinforces a culture of respect, trust, and student engagement fostered by the Triton philosophy and focused on students learning to compete, cooperate, lead, and serve through participation in groups and teams.

Student Activities Expectations

Participation in student activities at Triton is a privilege, not a right. A student must be academically eligible in order to participate. If a student’s behavior, in any way, detracts from the image of the club, school, or community, whether it be at an event conducted at, or outside of school, the student will be dealt with by the advisor or a higher authority, and the appropriate consequences will result. Some of the types of behavior for which students will be disciplined include:

  • disruptive behavior

  • verbal abuse (including racial or ethnic slurs)

  • stealing

  • vandalism

  • insubordination

  • harassment

  • violation of drugs and alcohol policy

  • use of tobacco

Participation Costs

The amount of the Student Activity Fee is determined each year. Payment is due on or before the second meeting of the club or activity. Questions and concerns may be directed to the Athletic Director/Student Activities Director.