Physical Education

The physical education program is an integrated part of each child's learning experience. The program seeks to:

  • Develop and maintain physical fitness levels;
  • Develop a competency in management of body awareness
  • Develop desirable social standards and ethical concepts
  • Aquire safety skill and habits
  • Enjoy wholesome recreation
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence.

All children are required to come prepared for participation in regularly scheduled gym classes. The only exception is for those who have a doctor's written excuse or are restricted because of disability. Generally, if a child is considered well enough to attend school, they should be well enough to participate in gym class. Children in grades K-6 should wear safe play clothes and "all purpose" sneakers and are encouraged to bring a water bottle to gym. No jewelry is to be worn during gym class. We recommend that all jewelry be left at home on gym days. This alleviates any problems that come from lost or misplaced items. Also, hair that is longer than shoulder length must be properly tied back away from the face with a non-rigid fastener.

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