Safety Committee

The safety and security of all students and staff at Newbury Elementary School is one of our most important priorities. Families trust schools to keep children safe during each and every school day as well as during all school sponsored events. Communities expect schools to be safe havens for children to learn and school employees to work. School buildings are key centers in each community: on any given school day in our country, over twenty percent of the United States population is attending a public or private school as a student or an employee. Children of all ages rely on and look to adults for protection from harm. Teachers and school staff must know what to do during an emergency to protect children so they can be safety returned to their families. Every school in our country is receiving information, guidance and resources on being prepared – in advance – for the possibility of a variety of potential school emergencies.

You should be reassured to know our School Safety Committee has been working diligently for the past several years to make our school as safe and secure as possible. Keeping your child and your school safe and secure is a total team effort with active, ongoing participation from each and every member of our School Safety Committee. Our goal is to ensure each and every child at Newbury Elementary School can learn in a school environment that is safe and secure. We hope the following information will help you understand our serious commitment to the Newbury Elementary School safety and security programs.

Safety Committee Contacts